New build, Tallai

Designer: QUBD

Duration: 12 months

The clients at Tallai bought this home with the intention to build a large family home with guest quarters and separate living zones for the children. So in November 2014, we started building the guest wing. Once this was complete they moved into this wing which then allowed us to start demolition on the main house. With an ecological design and approach to the home, we kept the existing slab and some of the external and internal walls. The heavy structural steel to build all of the raking roofs meant the existing slab needed underpinning in some areas. All roof structures were constructed with structural steel and LVL timber. Throughout the home acoustics were very important to limit the echo in large open areas and music room. This was achieved by using acoustic fabric and painted slats for aesthetics. All walls, ceilings and floors were heavily insulated too. The Asian heritage behind the clients is shown throughout the home with the peace corridor linking the guest wing and the main residence, shoji screens separating the guest wing study and the library to the reading room, lantern pendant lights and feature splashback in the kitchen.

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