Our Building Process

Building your dream home or renovating your existing home can be one of your most memorable moments. We at Hennessy Building Projects work closely with you at every step to make sure that you get the completed project exactly as you envisioned. We make the whole process as informative and stress free as possible. We work closely with you on ideas and design, all the way through the process to hand over. We make it our mission to have happy clients who have enjoyed the building process from start to finish.



Choose from our designs and ideas from our past projects on our website, or bring along your individually designed plans direct from your own draftsperson. If you do not have plans and have a concept in mind we can refer you to designers and architects we work closely with.


We can quote from fully completed plans or a draftsman’s sketch (limited measurements). If a list of internal selections (type of toilet suite, tapware etc) are not stated our quote will generally be based on provisional sum amounts which will be included in the quote (e.g. $5,000 supply of tiles). A firm quotation is preferred before signing of any contract to avoid variations to the contract in the future, and therefore avoiding clients overspending during the building process.


If you wish to build with us a Master Builders Association or HIA Limited contract will be drawn up and an original copy will be issued to all parties involved. Council will not approve applications until they have received all insurance certifications required. All council and certification requirements will be taken care of by us. Fees to all authorities will be mentioned in the quotation if they are included or not included.


Hennessy Building Projects is covered by Public Liability to a sum of $20,000,000.
QBCC Warranty insures the owner (either the original owner or subsequent owners) against:
• Non completion of the building contract due to death, disappearance or insolvency of the builder; and
• Failure of the builder to correct faults, which are deemed by law to be the builder’s responsibility, for a nominated warranty period. These contingencies are poor workmanship, faulty design, and inadequate or unsuitable materials and is only triggered by the death, disappearance or insolvency of the builder.

Statutory Warranties

In essence, the statutory warranties require the builder to do the work.
• In accordance with the plans and specifications in the contract
• In a proper manner
• Using good and suitable materials
• Using new materials unless otherwise stated
• In accordance with laws
• Within the time specified in the contract
• So as to be fit to be occupied when completed; and
• So as to live up to any result agreed it must achieve.


Once all government approvals have been received, we will notify you and finalise any selections that were not made during the quoting stage or have changed. Choosing your internal items early in the process is recommended. This avoids expensive or impossible variations in the future. See our Suppliers page on our website which will help you with your choices.


If a change is necessary to part of the building, a selection, or a provisional sum amount has been exceeded or is lesser than the original allocated amount, a variation will be issued on site or from our office. Variations are to be signed by all parties prior to the varied work commencing or being ordered. The variation will be invoiced on completion of that variation with the next progress claim. Again we stress it is preferred that clients have already made their choices and know their prices at the quotation time.

Progress Claims

Progress claim stages and amounts are written in the contract (e.g. base stage, frame stage). If any variations have been made along the way we will invoice them when that work is completed with the next progress claim. The final invoice will be given in statement style showing the original contract amount, list of variations if any, and payments already received to date, and then final amount payable before handover.

Practical Completion

Practical completion means work has been completed but with some minor items defects or an item is not completed (i.e. door handle missing etc), but the building is fit for its intended use.


Handover of your property is carried out when works have reached completion or practical completion and all parties are satisfied that work is complete to the expected standard and all payments of progress claims and any variations have been made in full.

Warranties and Defects Periods

Building work by law is covered for a six year period from completion. See the ‘insurance’ paragraph above. At handover an inspection with the client will have been arranged, but sometimes small defects may be noticed once items are being used, opened and shut, defects in home building work should be notified in writing to the builder within four months of practical completion, this period will be noted on your building contract. If a purchased item is faulty then a supplier warranty call will be made & their individual warranty period will apply.

We want you to have a great experience with us. Fill in your details and we’ll contact you shortly.