Luxury Homes? What are they exactly?

13 September 2018Uncategorized


The term “luxury” sometimes gets thrown around too easily when it comes to homes. Some real estate agents will refer to a home as luxury because it has a new upmarket kitchen installed. When you talk about building a luxury home, you are in a whole different world. If you work with the right luxury home builder you’ll find that the home is filled with unique features that elevate the experience of those living in the home. Here are some of our favourite feature of Gold Coast luxury homes.

Clever Architectural Design

You can always spot a home that has been architecturally designed for luxurious living. They are the homes that just work. The spaces flow together to create and ease of movement. They have well designed spaces that can suit any mood. You want to have some big open living spaces for entertaining but you also want those snug and private little spaces where you can feel safe and cocooned. When the home is built somewhere as stunning as the Gold Coast you should expect that the design of the home will find some way to bring the outside in. This could be via the use of large feature windows, the design of connected outdoor areas, or even by letting your kitchen flow out of the house to a luxury outdoor kitchen.

Any design that includes some clever surprises or allow for extra versatility of a space are also key features of a luxury home. The ability to make the space to suit your needs is one of the features that elevates a home into the realm of luxury. These are the features that give the wow moments that announce a luxury home.


It might be obvious but it is important. A high quality finish is vital in a luxury home. This means that not only do the materials used need to be beautiful and durable, but they also need to be installed so that they are seamlessly integrated into the home. A luxury home builder should be able to work with the most difficult of materials and bring out the best they have to offer.

Another feature to consider when planning a luxury home is not just the quality of the look of the home but also the sound of the home. Any Gold Coast builder knows that the soundscape of the area varies wildly depending on if you have a beachfront property, an urban property or an isolated one. For a luxury home you want to be able to have the sounds of your location considered. If you are on the beach you might want to hear the sounds of the surf in some rooms but not others. A Luxury home will consider the acoustics so that you can control how much of the sound of your environment sneaks into your home.


Luxury does not have to happen at the detriment of the environment anymore. Many luxury homes are being designed to be environmentally friendly whilst still creating a extravagant feel. To build an eco-luxury home there are many options that can be integrated with the design. It could be reflected in the choice of materials, the use of natural heating and cooling, or the seamless and beautiful integration of modern renewable energy generation.
These eco choices influence not only the interior but also the exterior of the home. Homes can be built with rainwater collections systems that automatically feed the garden, or indoor usage such as toilet flushing and in the laundry, reducing the water needs greatly.


Luxury home builders are masters at making the most of the location of the house. A luxury home should feel like it has grown out of the ground and fits perfectly as part of the space. This means that a luxury home does not need to be large or have the picture perfect view in every direction. What it should do is make the most of every positive of its location. If there is one great view, then the most should be made of it. If the space is small then the design should be clever enough to make every one want to live in small home. It’s all about maximisation.

A Feeling of Prestige

A luxury home is one that makes you feel special. The clever and thoughtful design when coupled with skillful construction should create a final result that is special and unique. For those who live in these homes they should feel the benefits and the simple joy of having a home that has been designed to suit and meet their unique needs in the most elegant way possible.

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