6 Reasons to Knockdown and Rebuild on the Gold Coast

10 July 2018Uncategorized


There are many reasons to consider a knockdown of an existing home and rebuilding it on the same piece of land. In fact, this trend of rebuilding on the Gold Coast has become increasingly popular. Homeowners understand the value of land located on the Gold Coast. Those that already live here and don’t want to leave their current location may demolish their home to build something brand new. New buyers will often purchase an old home in this sought after location, then knock it down so they can create their dream property in this ideal spot. Working with an experienced builder can save you the stress of renovating, and give you all of the modern state-of-the-art luxuries for the same or less as it would cost to renovate.

Stay in your current location: Probably one of the most convincing reasons to rebuild on the Gold Coast is to be able to have a new home in the area you already live in, are familiar with, and in which your children attend school. You already know your neighbours and have developed relationships with them. Knocking down your existing home and rebuilding on the same land is the best way to have a new home, with the amenities you want, but still be able to stay in the area you love.

Build your dream home: Starting from scratch enables you to work with a builder to customize a home that fits your family and lifestyle. Renovating only goes so far, and if there’s a lot of structural damage to the home, it may end up being more costly to renovate! If you’re starting from the ground up, you’re in the driver’s seat: have you always wanted higher ceilings? A home office? You can’t put a price tag on the quality of life that comes from living in a home that is built just for you and your family.

Increase property value: The land itself is already valuable. If the house sitting on it is old and not particularly valuable, adding a new home with modern amenities, like ensuites and walk-in closets, will only boost that value. You may still want to sell or lease someday and you will get more out of your home with the increased property value.
A renovated home is still an old home: While renovating a home fixes cosmetic issues, and some of the underlying plumbing, wiring and structural issues, the home itself is still an old home. The foundation is the original foundation. Rebuilding ensures every part of your home is new.

Get into a highly sought after area: The Gold Coast is a beautiful and highly sought after area. It is nearly impossible to purchase new land to build on. It makes sense to purchase land with an old structure to knock down and rebuild.

Less maintenance and higher efficiency: New homes equal less maintenance as the structure itself is new. When buying an older home, there is always something else that will need to be done. Something will need to upgraded or modernised, or you’ll need to do eventual structural maintenance, such as foundation and roof repair. With a newer home, you can rest easy with the knowledge that those repairs are likely years away – and in the meantime, you can spend those years enjoying a home that’s just right for you.

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