What does it take to become an award-winning builder?

27 July 2018Uncategorized


Becoming an award-winning builder on the Gold Coast is by no means easy. The building industry is filled with capable builders who are well known for completing a job to a satisfactory level. However, there are expert builders who are above the rest in terms of experience and knowledge. On the Gold Coast there are two major industry associations – The Master Builders and the Housing Institute of Australia.  Both these associations carry out yearly awards to find the best builders on the Coast.

To become an industry award-winning builder, there is a rigorous process conducted by the associations. The associations have a panel of judges who are, or were, also builders with many years of experience and expertise.  

Once a builder enters their project for consideration for an award, they are assessed by this panel of judges through an inspection of the project on-site. The judges look through every part of the building, nothing is left out including hinges and mitre joints. The quality of workmanship is inspected in every single area of the project.

Creativity of projects, finishings and materials used in the construction of projects are considered and examined. Challenges encountered by builders in the process of completing the projects also come into play.

After the detailed inspection, the judges then deliberate and select a winner for the categories entered in the region. These winners are announced at the Regional Gold Coast Housing and Construction Awards.

There is a recognition that comes with being an award-winning builder in the industry.  To be able to excel in the quality of workmanship from a completed project above that of your competition is very rewarding. Winning multiple awards over the year shows the builder to be consistent in their high level of work.

Having builders compete for awards also improves the quality of building across the industry as builders strive to be recognised in their field. For those builders that are wanting to have an award under their name, they need to ensure everything from the major aspects such as plumbing, tiling, carpentry, to the small finishes, is of the best quality.  

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